What Options for Canada Visit Visa Application Form Submission You Have?

Canada Visit Visa–also known as Canada Tourist Via–is something high on the wish list of many. To get this prized visa, as per the rules, you have to submit a properly filled in Canada Visit Visa Application Form, complete with the required supporting documents and also give the necessary charges.

Canada Visit Visa Requirements

It is compulsory that the Canada Visit Visa is obtained by each of those overseas people who do not have the citizenship of any of the different Canada Visa exempt nations.

As a candidate for the visa, you must illustrate–by way of the different supporting documents–that you fulfill every term & condition of the Visit Visa regulations.

It is also necessary that you show that you possess the necessary means to financially support the trip and that you will depart from the hotspot at the end of your approved stay, courtesy of your robust cultural, social and financial links in your nation.

Coming back to the Canada Visit Visa Application Form and the application process, to apply for Canada Visa, you have two very good options–one is online and the other one is on paper. These two follow two different approaches though the documents required, and the terms and conditions to be fulfilled, and of course, the fees to be paid, are 100% same.

For the online method, visit the IRCC website, fill in every Canada Visit Visa Application Form, upload the different required supporting certificates, and give the charges, i.e., 100 Canadian Dollars.

Canada Visit Visa Paper Approach

To begin with, obtain the application package from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It has an instruction manual and every Canada Visit Visa Application Form you require to fill out.

Present your Canada Visit Visa Application Form complete with all required documents. To do it you will have to make a trip to the local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC).

Confirm that you carry along your passport, photographs, fully completed forms and every supporting certificate as per the checklist and also the IRCC fee instrument and payment instructions. Appropriate service charges will be imposed.

Provide your application fees.

Time Taken For Decision

It characteristically takes anywhere between 2 and 3 business week to obtain a Visitor Visa for Canada.

Work and/or Study Allowed?

Majority of the visitors to the famed destination is not legally entitled to either do a job or register for a study course in the hotspot if they do not have a legal permit for the purpose.

Significantly, in case you are making a trip to the hotspot, and are interested to either do a job or pursue studies, you have some very good choices in case you still have legal standing in the Maple Leaf Country. For a fresh Work Permit, you have both the options–you can apply from your native nation, or a different nation where you may have officially allowed entry.

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