Want to Secure Permanent Residence (PR) in Australia from India?

Whether you have completed your studies or are planning to start, whether you want to get a job or you are progressing in your career, Australia is the common dream of numerous Indians, who want to migrate to the land Down Under and realise a life of prosperity, progress and peace.
While the overseas hotspot welcomes a plethora of migrants from around the world every year, Indians especially have been famous for easily securing Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia from India. If all of this sounds like a dream come true for you, then read this article to move a step closer to living your overseas dreams!

Migrate to Australia
The most important step in immigrating to Oz is to get yourself familiar with the basic requirements of applying for a visa. Wait before you start packing your bags or scouting the internet for answers – we will discuss what exactly is meant by residency.
To start with, PR means that an individual can reside indefinitely in a country and take part in its economy, government while enjoying full benefits and rights reserved for a citizen of the country.
As the entire process of immigration spans between six and eight months in total, the Kangaroo Land is one of the most preferred nations, in terms of migrating permanently. So much so, that the number of immigrants from India has risen steadily in the recent years.
If you want to make the cut and be accepted for residency, you would also need to get familiar with various visa sub classes or categories to decide which suits your specific reason for migration the most.
Once you create an online profile and submit your supporting documents such as – educational certification, work experience, language proficiency proof, financial background etc. you can expect the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia to send you an invitation to apply.

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