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Want To Live Life The Way You Have Always Dream? Apply for Canada Permanent Visa!

If you want to live life overseas in the best possible manner, in one of the fines overseas hotspots offering immense opportunities of all types, successfully apply for Canada Permanent Visa. And, get the same and become a permanent resident in this wonderful and highly developed global economy.

As it is too well known, the Maple Leaf Country offers immense work and investment, besides study opportunities, and amazing lifestyle to its immigrants. Also known as the ‘Immigrants’ Paradise’ the country has a lot to explore for the newcomers. If you are in a dicey state of mind whether to Apply for Canada Permanent Visa then you must not think twice about the same and simply go for it. You will not get a better overseas destination to settle in.

The incumbent Liberal Government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is reportedly fully committed to reform the country’s immigration system and clear the unnecessary roadblocks that the previous Harper Government had allegedly created during their tenure.

Canada Express Entry Permanent Residence Schemes

Now let’s make things easier for the prospective immigrants and share with them a couple of very good options to immigrate to the immigrant’s paradise as a permanent resident, via the much publicized Express Entry route!

Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP): Applicants are chosen to keep in mind the economic growth and demand of the local labor market. They are straight away picked for Permanent Residency (PR) on the basis of their education, skills, language, experience and many other important factors. From January 2015, it has become mandatory for the aspiring applicants, wishing to apply for the FSWP, to apply using the Express Entry System.

Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC): Applicants are assessed on the basis of their capability to economically settle in the country. Those with the prior job offer or appropriate certification to be able to join a certain sector to gain the country’s PR with the intention to settle in any province or territory other than Quebec are given preference. The FSTC, too, has joined Express Entry. Thus, the aspiring applicants need to submit their application through the same.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): It gives an opportunity to the foreign workers to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency. Temporary overseas skilled workers with Canadian work experience are ideal applicants to become permanent residents in the nation. They have already obtained the country’s work experience and comfortably settled in the local environment. Like the above two programmes, the aspiring applicants with the local Canadian work experience can process their visa application through the Express Entry.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP): As per some observers on the subject, it is arguably the best immigration path to the prized PR status in the nation. It allows the country’s different provinces and territories to nominate the applicants as per their specific economic needs, especially those applicants who are keen to settle permanently in their specific province or territory. Aligned territories and provinces have signed a contract with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It allows them to select the applicants who successfully meet the criteria they have fixed. The aspiring applicants can apply using the Canada Express Entry system.

Canadian Immigration Policy & Express Entry

Country’s immigration system is more based on its economic needs to meet the skill demand and more emphasis has been given to family unification as the Canadian Government strongly believes when families stay together, their ability to work and integration capability towards the country grow.

So far, the system ‘Express Entry’ has made things a lot easier and simpler for those who wish to apply for Canada Permanent Visa. The journey ahead is likely to be even better for the candidates. The proceeding and requirements for the above four programmes are almost the same. Applicants enjoy many benefits, such as quick processing and transparent procedure. The icing on the cake: Given the fact that the system is completely electronic, the candidates do not have to put in some extra efforts to complete the paper formalities.

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