How to file Permanent Resident Visa Application for Canada from India

As far as the immigration as well as Permanent Residency (PR) is concerned for the Indians, Canada has always emerged as a promising place to live and grow. It attracts skilled Indians to come and live on its territories. Immigrants from India can go for Permanent Resident application for Canada through the Express Entry Programme, the QSWP and the PNP.

As per the latest benchmarks set by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in this year on an average 2, 88,000 applicants will make their inroads in the Canadian soil. These numbers might make you numb after imagining the probabilities, but if you have been driven by the demand, and you know that only Permanent Residency can help you live your Canadian dream, you must know how to achieve it.

How to Achieve the PR to Canada?

Express Entry Programme: On top of the list lies the Express Entry Programme that has been known to deliver on the demand put forward by the Canadian economy. Under it, the Canadian Government or rather the immigration body known as the IRCC will assess the application, on the basis of the Federal Skilled Workers Programme, the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class Programme.

Investor Immigration Program: In the next set of immigration gateway to pick from you can make your move through the Investor Immigration Programme. In it you can easily find three prime categories, known as the Immigrant Investor Programme, the Entrepreneur Programme, the Self-employed Assessment Programme, and the Business Innovation Investment.

Under the Investor Programme you will have to invest 1, 60,000 Canadian Dollars whereas in the Investment Purchase Programme you will have to lock in a certain period of investment, for a specified term. There is also a Significant Investment Category under which the immigrant can come up with a productive investment in those ailing sectors that are in dire need of the finances, and in lieu of that, they will get productive PR status.

Family Assessment Visa: In this particular style of the immigration, the IRCC strives to ensure that union of the employees with their families can be facilitated, and to meet with this purpose they are in pursuit of the Family Assessment Visa to ensure that they can come and live in the Maple Leaf Country. This immigration has certain specific privileges to be taken into account like social welfare, free education, and other specific benefits.
Permanent Resident Application for Canada–How You Can Benefit?

Upon getting the PR Visa you will be entitled to receive the following benefits:
• Authorization to live, study and work in the hotspot.
• Authorization to apply for citizenship in the country.
• Access to healthcare and other specific social benefits.
• Get rights that have been mentioned in the Canadian constitution.

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