Get Australia Permanent Residence(PR) Visa from India –Apply PR for Australia

As per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Australia, on an average, a staggering 200,000 people come in the country with a Permanent Residency Visa (PRV) followed by another 600,000 migrants on a Temporary Migration Visa. Such numbers might well put you on cloud nine as your vision has just improved with respect to the immigration, but it will not be late to inform you that applying for residency in Australia is not that simple as it might sound.

But even after such a huge impact put forward by applying for the Residency in Australia the things in the immigration realm have not improved over the period of time. This might well force you to put on that thinking cap, but it is often the hard story that has been staying in the abyss.

In here the hard story is that every year nearly 8 00,000 applicants apply under specific visa gateway that might well be international student visa, working holiday visa, temporary skilled worker visa. But the grim story unfolds when you dig deeper to find out that numbers of applicants applied for the destination, in comparison to the actual numbers that are hitting the Australian soil are always on a downward trajectory.

For most folks they might ponder why such is the case. For the beginners, who have been new in this research it will make you numb to know that most of the applicants have had their share of adjustments. In the process they might enter in Oz on a different visa, and after specific period of time visa upgrade and transfer is always on the cards.

At the same time, the facts of 2015-2016 portray a different aspect altogether. On an average, in this year, 190,000 permanent skilled and family visas were issued, and out of these visas almost 91,000 visas stuck with those who are already in the Kangaroo Land. This probability led to the problem of double counting and it was very hard for the DIBP to come up with real numbers.

In case if you dig deeper, to find out about the temporary migrant visa, it will be seemingly apparent that out of 100,000 immigrants, who were granted the temporary visa, a big share or roughly 36,000 applicants generally extended their visa by another one year. At the same time, another 73,000 applicants under the international visa shifted to some different form of study visa.

Such confusions have been unfolding, and it has certainly put the prospects in jeopardy, and it would be hard to find out the real facts about the immigrants Applying for residency in Australia under specific visas, but certainly a lot of stuff still lies hidden with a hidden agenda, and once you will truly delve in the facts, you will come to know about most of the things.

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