PR in Australia from India—Major Requirements under Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

There are millions of Indians who wish to migrate to Australia because of its high standard of living, especially Indian youngsters who are struggling with air pollution, difficulty in getting good jobs, overcrowded cities and lack of quality education.

These are some of the valid reasons that are boosting the ambitions of the aspirants to grab Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia from India. To help the wishful migrants, there’s a very promising pathway, named Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (Subclass 187).

The pathway allows the skilled applicants to move and settle in the low population growth, regional areas of the Kangaroo Land. The areas which wish to recruitthe skilledaspirants on temporary or permanent basis can invite highly skilled Indians through this pathway for the various openings in their regions.

Under the Subclass 187 an Australian employer informs the Regional Certifying Body about the vacant positions. Depending on the information, the Regional Certifying Body (RCB) assesses the genuineness of the paid employees from overseas if there are no residents as skilled as to fillthe vacant position.

If he is convinced then he issues a certificate. Then this offer is open to the migrants and whosoever accepts the offer need to apply for a visa.

Requirements on the part of the recruiters 

  • They must possesses an established business and be actively engaged in the activity for which they may have been registered.
  • They must be able to provide full time permanent job offer by presenting the urgency of need of a specific skill from overseas.
  • Their workers must be lawful people and will remain operational during their stay in the Kangaroo Land.
  • The workers would accept local and immigration laws pertaining to the requirement.

Requirements on behalf of the employees

  • They should have obtained a nomination for a skill that is placed on the SOL list of the state or territory government.
  • They should have get his skills assessed from the concerning authority.
  • Their experience in the occupation he is nominated for should not be less than 3 years.
  • If an Indian is nominated for a highly paid senior executive, then his salary should not be less than 250000 Australian Dollars per annum.
  • He must obtain an employer who will sponsor him on a permanent basis.
  • An Indian employee should possess all the necessary documents that justify his occupation with relevant license or registration whatever the occupation demand for.
  • He should not be more than 45 years of age.
  • An Indian looking for PR in Australia should possess and clear the English ability test.
  • He should possessthe relevant health and character certificates before filing an application for visa.

The PR in Australia from India  that is seized through the Subclass 187 showers the applicants from Indian with the freedom of living and working in the Kangaroo Land on a permanent basis. They can study in any Australian school or university and are entitled to receive all those benefits that are enjoyed by the residents.

The pathway Subclass 187 is a good option for getting PR in Australia from India. It fosters ample benefits to the applicants who wish to get superlative education along with numerous other benefits that are enjoyed by the residents.

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