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Permanent Immigration to Canada from India Not Challenging !

Do you know that during the last couple of years Permanent immigration to Canada from India has continued the way it has before even as the Maple Leaf Country has been the most popular immigration destination for the Indian immigrants? Yes it is a fact! The hotspot enjoys a special place in the heart of the migrants from most other nations also, especially the ones located in Asia.

The reason: at a time when some other popular overseas destinations–such as the US and the UK–have almost closed or tightened their doors for the Indian immigrants, the North American Country has stood out and welcomed the Indian immigrants and others and helped them settle in the nation without any prejudice whatsoever.

The history of the Permanent immigration to Canada immigration from India is probably one century old. And this time is long enough to develop strong ties between the two nations. At a time when the immigrants from every corner of the world are coming to the Maple Leaf Country to live and work, how can Indian immigrants fall behind?

Actually, the migrants from India have spearheaded the trend and been the torchbearers. And consequently, over a period of time, Canada has developed as one of the largest Indian communities outside Asia, and the skilled Indian migrants using their skills have made handsome contributions to the country’s economic and social development.

It has been reported that around 3.80% of the total Canadian population consists of the Indians or the Indian origin Canadians. The fact that the country is culturally diverse makes it a perfect place to become its permanent residents.

Permanent Immigration to Canada from India

The in-office Liberal Government has transformed the Canadian immigration system completely, and it has been in favor of the Indian immigrants, especially those who are trained and ambitious.

Today, the incumbent government wants to increase the number of the permanent immigrants coming to the country every year and the annual target is approximately 300,000 new residents. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned organization, has also become soft for the dependents of the immigrant applicants along with the main immigrants already settled in the country.

For the Indian permanent residents, immigration to the country has always been significant. The country has an online point-based immigration system which suits the Indian candidates very well. This is perhaps the primary reason why a large number of the skilled workers are working in the Maple Leaf Country.

Top Permanent Resident Visa Options

There are numerous easy-to-follow visa pathways through which the Indian candidates can acquire the Canada PR Visa and some of them are:

  • Self-employed Persons Programme
  • Federal Express Entry System
  • Sponsorship Programmes
  • Parent and Grandparent Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Programmes
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Programme

However, if you are a skilled worker and interested in the country’s PR Visa, then Express Entry will be the most appropriate option for you, and it will help you become the Canadian permanent residents in just six months. Seems unbelievable? But it is 100% true! Check with your visa agent!

How does Express Entry work?

The system revolves around the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)–an innovative tool in practice to allocate points to the candidates, on the basis of their age, language skills, education, experience, etc. Those who score well will get a chance to apply for the prized and the much sought after Canadian Permanent Resident Visa once they get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) within 90 days or the same will lapse.

Skilled candidates are selected through frequent Express Entry draws that takes place at least twice in a month. Every month a new CRS score is announced that varies from the last.

If you look at it positively, Permanent immigration to Canada from India is not that difficult. But if you are still not very sure about it, or think you need professional help and guidance on the issue, consult an expert and experienced immigration consultant and make your move!

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