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Do Not Ignore These Points While Filling Your Express Entry Canada Application Form!

Canada Express Entry has opened numerous gateways for millions of the overseas applicants. Express Entry that started on January 1, 2015, offers multiple chances of immigrating to the destination. For immigration, to a hotspot, the process starts with the filling of the application form after selecting the country the migrant wish to move to. Canada is no exception and filling the Express Entry Canada application form correctly is like winning the half battle.

Keep these points while filling the form!

  • Don’t make any repetition or overwriting in the application form, if you applying off-line. While going online make sure that you completely fill the application form, without leaving any space or question unattended. Incomplete and lack of complete information will invite rejection.
  • Your application form is your first acquaintance with the selecting committee. They will judge you by the way you fill your form. So, don’t exaggerate or enter any false information. This will unnecessarily increase the chances of rejection, and you may not get a second chance for applying. Consulting an immigration service at this time will prove beneficial as they will help you in filling the form correctly.
  • There are chances that an applicant makes mistakes in the application form. But you have already locked or sent your application online and then you suddenly realize that you made a certain mistake. At this point don’t panic! Take the print out of your form and visit the designated office where you need to submit your visa application form on the date and the time allotted to you. Explain your mistake to the officer whom you submit your form. He will tell you to make changes and sign the changes made by you. This way, you can get your mistakes rectified. Or you may ask the officer if there is any other way by which you can correct your faults.
  • Express Entry Canada application form will ask for some certificates and educational credentials, like language scores, character and complete health check-up. Keep these documents handy. Keep one extra set of these documents with you, so that in case there is some problem, you can easily attach the needful certificates.
  • There may be chances that while filling the form you may find the question somewhat weird. In such a case also don’t leave the question and do reply it. Write “not applicable” or “NA” in the space provided for writing the answers.
  • You may possess some different or exceptional quality or assets, but there is no mention of such information in the Express Entry Canada application form, then what you can do is take a plain paper. Write complete information on it and attach it with your application. You may attach any certificate which you think is relevant to the form.
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