What Makes Express Entry Programme for Canada So Attractive?

Canada proffers more than a promising future to the ambitious and go-getting migration seekers from all across the globe. Apart from the numerous well-paying employment and profitable investment opportunities,it’s the world-class living style and education system of the nation that highly attracts all, including the migrants.

Ottawa–with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–runs and manages Express Entry Programme for Canada–an amazing online facility. The unique initiative has virtually taken the world by storm because of these main reasons:

  • Easier procedure for filing the application–One can start the voyage to his dream country by creating his online profile. The applicant’s profile should include the supporting documents and an Expression of Interest (EOI). As such no necessary condition is required to make the cut for a visa. The aspirant’s present education, age and language skills will make migration possible through the points assigned based upon the details furnished by him.
  • No time limit—A major reason that is adding fuel to the immigration fire is that there is no age limit under Express Entry. All age group applicants can apply though they get certain points depending on their age that make them eligible for the migration to the country.
  • Apply with your skills–Unlike any other visa formality, no special skill is expected from the applicant. He may be a certificate holder or a degree holder, everyone and anyone can apply on the basis of their education, additional skills or any specific skills that he thinks will make an addition to the economy of Canada.
  • Several chances of getting selected–When a person applies through the Canada Express Entry Programme , most probably the chances of getting selected by the Canadian Government or provincial government stand high, but if he fails to get selected, then no need to worry.His application will be then put to the job pool from where he may get selected by the Canadian employers.
  • 365 days of selection–Under Express Entry, one’s application remains in the Job Pool for complete one year,consequently he gets chances of getting cherry-picked anytime during these 365 days.
  • 3 different visa programmes–Under Express Entry Programme, the candidates enjoy three different visa schemes—the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class. With these 3 different gateways, the chances of availing a visa are high.
  • Re-apply–If by chance a person fails to make it in first attempt, then he can re-apply for visa every year till he gets selected. Plus, there is no last date to apply under this programme. A candidate can apply whenever he wishes to.

Free of charge–Last but not the least, the online profile for Express Entry is created without any charges, and it remains applicable for complete 12 months.

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