Do You Know about Latest Canada Immigration Requirements?

The country of beautiful people, numerous opportunities, and endless possibilities for your future, Canada is the leading choice for the migrants from nearly all parts of the world, to live and work in permanently.

Whether you are a student, a skilled professional or a business person, the Maple Leaf Country has its unique advantages and attractions for everyone. You will get what you want and find yourself perfectly at home in the nation.

Indians,much like others, love to be a part of a progressive nation with a pleasant diversity of people and higher standards of living. If you, too, have a dream of migrating permanently to the ‘Land of Opportunity and Prosperity’, this article will equip you with the current and updated Canada Immigration Requirements, and take you a step closer to living your overseas dreamsrather easily!

The easiest and the most preferred way of immigration: under the ‘Express Entry’ programme of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

For the sake of brevity and clarity, we will talk about the ‘Express Entry’ process in the various stages below –

Stage 1 – The foremost step before submitting an application for immigration is to meet the various criteria of Canada Immigration Requirements, such as determining your proficiency in English/French, to sharing your work experience and educational documents. As it is based on a first come first serve basis, if you want to immigrate, you must create an online profile at the earliest. It is always better to beat the competition.

Stage 2 – Additionally, it is recommended to obtain a Labour Market Impact Association(LMIA) based work offer in the overseas hotspot,as it significantly boosts your chances of obtaining the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) in the country.

Stage 3 – Once you create an online profile, it is rather important to follow up with the right documents and proofs, to back up your statements. A critical step, this should strictly not be overlooked, as false documentation will immediately eliminate your profile and discard your visa application. You will certainly not want such a thing to happen, right?

Every so often people perceive the Canada Express Entry as a new immigration programme.However, the fact remains that it is simply a new mechanism to facilitate the migration of the skilled workers and professionals to the hotspot and help them realise their dream of living and settling down in the country permanently.

Under the Express Entry programme, it is mandatory that the applicants meet the necessary requirements of one of the three immigration schemes, namely –

1) Federal Skilled Trades Programme,

2) Federal Skilled Workers Programme and

3) Canadian Experience Class.

So, start early and do your research, to dramatically improve your chances to become a Canadian citizen with ease and without any hassles!

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