Investor Visa Australia–Amazing Option for Affluent & Ambitious Aspirants

As per some immigration observers, to prosper in life,the Investor Visa for Australia is the most selected pathway. The category not only allows the applicant hassle-free movement in the country,it also facilitates him with the multiple benefits of Permanent Residency(PR).

Oz is more than mesmerizing beaches and landscapes. It is one of the most widely visited destinations for immigration in the world. Young applicantsespecially make a move to it for its world-classuniversities, even as skilled migrants shift for enjoying a secured life, and the rich & wealthy people for profitable investment purposes.

Investor visa for Australia asks for 5 years long investment and during this time period an investor can freely move into the country. His invested money is returned to him after a fixed period, though yielding no interest on it.

The gateway that proffers entry to the Kangaroo Land is opened by its Subclass 188 (Business innovation and investment program). To make a move through this gateway the candidate needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI).

Investor Visa for Australia

Investor Visa Australia Streams

Getting a nomination from state or territory government is mandatory in this case. Under this specific visa category, there are 5 different ways through which an applicant can cross the borders and enjoy happy living in the hotspot.

  • Investor Visa: An applicant who can invest 1.5 million Australian Dollars can enter. But before making the investment he needs to grab nominations from the state or territory government. It is also expected from him that he will create some vacancies for the local residents through his investments.
  • Business Visa: If you are keen to move to Down Under and have a brilliant idea that can become an economy changer to the country, then the gateways for the Business Visa is always open for you. Make sure that your business idea surely makes an addition to the economy.
  • Significant Investor Visa: If you possess 5 million Australia Dollars, then this is the gateway for you. Cross the borders through this gateway and make an investment in Oz for a term of 5 years. The rule of obtaining a state or territory nomination is applicable here too.
  • Premium Investor Visa: If you have the flair of making an investment in Oz and you possess funds worth more than 15 million Australian Dollars, then this is your sure shot pick. This visa category is for all wealthy people who not only want to enjoy Australian PR but also make an addition to its economy.
  • Entrepreneur Visa: If you possess some unique idea that you think would further improve the Australian economy, then it is for you. Come to Down Under with your abilities and put your ideas into practice. The hotspot will provide you with all the necessary requirements, including relaxation in taxes and financial grants. Ensure that you manage to convince the territory or state government with your idea and grab their nomination before making an investment in the Kangaroo Land.

Australian Investor Visa is very a good visa option available to the wishful wealthy applicants who can make a handy contribution to the nation’s economy and get its PR.

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