Are You Interested In Investment Immigration To Australia?

From amazing national parks to diversity in language, Australia has bowled the world with its wonderful resources. The history of the nation is famous for its Aboriginal origin. In an effort to manage the migrant intake, several changes have lately been made in the nation’s immigration process, and needless to say, there are numerous ways by which a person can migrate to the Kangaroo Land.

Check with a trusted and well-known immigration expert and find-out what different options are available for you!

Investment Immigration to Australia

In all likelihood, you will be informed about this option. Indeed, it’s an excellent way of moving to the country and getting its Permanent Residency (PR).The category is entirely based upon the investing capacity of the applicants. Its 5 different streams open up 5 different gateways for the investor-migrants who wish to cross the national borders and enjoy a wonderful life in the overseas hotspot.

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled for immigration:

  • It is expected that you, as an investor, will add on to the economy. For this, you will seize the nomination from the state or territorial government. Apart from nomination, you will also participate actively in the firm or venture started or owned by you. This should be at the managerial level involving decision making of the business as well.
  • Investment immigration Australia expects that you will perform at least one out of the following:
  1. You will grow business links in the international market.
  2. You will create employment opportunities for the residents.
  3. You will manufacture those goods and services that are imported to the nation.
  4. You will work on improved technology or implement new techniques to increase your production.
  5. Your work should be of the competitive quality that will make an addition to the economy.
  6. You should export goods of Oz.

The investment stream also gives you the opportunity of extending your stay in Oz under its Business Innovation Extension stream. There are certain necessary conditions that you need to meet the extension.

They are-

  • You should demonstrate that living in Oz is necessary for carrying-out your business activity.
  • To meet your purpose, you should have a state or territory government nomination.
  • The business that you are carrying out in the Kangaroo Land is in operation for at least the last 2 years.
  • Apart from this, you should meet the necessary obligation of remaining active in the business and decision making in the day-to-day management.

If you manage to get this visa extension, then it will allow you to live in Down Under for the next two years. In all, you get six years to live in the country for establishing and expanding your business. The extra time that you get through this extension provides you with sufficient time to qualify for Business,Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa Subclass 888. Fill your form online and submit the necessary documents along with the fees.

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