Are You Interested In Business Migration to Australia?

If you have the intention to own a business set up in Australia, then you need business migration to Australia. This will empower you to set up your own business and run it successfully in the country. There are some requirements that you must fulfil in order to do so.


The first and foremost requirement for such kind of a travel to Oz is that you need to have the Business Innovation and Investment Visa. The requirements are:

  • You must be nominated by the state authority in Down Under for such cause.
  • You can also be invited to apply for such a visa.
  • There are some health and character norms which you and your family members must fulfil.
  • You also need to fulfil some other requirements that must be fulfilled according to the stream that you apply for.

Character Requirements

There are certain character requirements that you, along with your family members, must fulfill. You must make available the police certificates from all the countries where you have lived for 12 months in the previous 10 years after you attended 16 years of age. This is applicable to your family members also even if they are not travelling with you. If you served the armed forces, then you must be able to produce the discharge letter.

Health Requirements

You must fulfil some health requirements for travelling to Oz. The requirements are:

  • There are certain health requirements that you must fulfil. The results stay in order for 12 months so they must be done only when they are asked for.
  • Even if your family members are not travelling with you, then also they must fulfil these health requirements.

If Business migration to Australia is what you are interested in, you need to check this article.

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