How to Migrate to Canada From India for Bright Future ?

Do you How to Migrate to Canada? Not a problem. Here is your chance to give it go and carve out a fool proof plan that would never fail you. 2017 has been a prolific year for the Canadian immigration so far, not only in the realm of federal scheme but also in the domain of PNPs.

After Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, Nova Scotia is all set to become active. This state could open up its scheme any time next month, and invite applications for issuance of endorsements for permanent residence permit.

Migrate to Canada From India

A Good Chance to Migrate to Canada

The scheme tends to select people who can demonstrate their ability to settle down in the local environment quickly, and become capable of contributing positively to the economy of the state. The state government would be throwing open the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream to the applicants. The scheme is a part of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), and is integrated to the Express Entry program of Canada’s federal government.

The scheme is quite attractive since once selected, the candidates can score an additional 600 CRS marks that would provide a much required boost to their profiles. On an overall, qualification in this scheme can be regarded as a quick fix solution for entry into the country.

The scheme of 2015, when the NCPNP last opened for application had been limited to a total of 28 trades. The latest scheme list would be shared publically shortly

How could you qualify for the Nova Scotia PNP?

The scheme would require you to fulfil certain criteria:

  • Have an active profile in the Express Entry;
  • Carry an experience of at least one year in the designated trade illustrated in the required trades list of the state scheme;
  • Fulfill the language compatibility parameter – a minimum of CLB 7 has been stipulated as mandatory;
  • Have minimum education, at least higher secondary would be deemed necessary;
  • Score a minimum of 67 marks on the basis of selection criteria: age, education, language, an experience in the designated occupation;
  • Evidence availability of funds to successfully settle down in the state.

By all standards, this could be a great chance for you to move to this location. Fill out an assessment form today to know whether you qualify for this scheme or not.

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