Get Canada Permanent Resident Visa Easily–A Beginner’s Guide

If you dream of obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident Visa, this article will guide you through the steps of the immigration process, and help you get a step closer to your dream of securing a Canada Permanent Resident Visa easily, and living and working freely on the foreign soil.

A beautiful and developed country which invites more than 200,000 migrants from all parts of the world every year, Canada is like a dream come true for anyone who wants to live in a progressive society, booming economy, and enjoy the picturesque landscapes and excellent facilities. The Maple Leaf Country is home to a growing number of immigrants, thanks to its Express Entry Visa Programme which is fast, flexible and functional.

To start with, every immigrant can choose from different visa programmes to aid their migration and present a purpose to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).In case you are wondering, below are the three most commonly applied visa programmes for the immigrants for obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

1) Skilled Workers Trade Programme/Skilled Worker Class Immigration/Canadian Experience Class
These are apt for those who want to work in the hotspot and contribute to its economy with their occupational and working skills.

2) Business Class Immigration
It is perfect for businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a new or invest in an existing business in the nation. In this category, an applicant is required to show a minimum amount of net and investment worth for the Canadian economy.

3) Provincial Immigration
It is apt for those who want to migrate to a specific province and live and work their permanently. TO be eligible for this visa category, you must have a state or province nomination by the Federal Government of Canada.

4) Family Class Immigration
It is apt for those who have any of their family members (like spouse) with a Permanent Residency (PR) in the country.

5) Quebec Selected Immigration
The province of Quebec has a special arrangement for migrants in which they allow skilled professionals such as – Professionals, Business people, Students, Temporary Workers, etc.

Once you have made the most suitable choice to support your immigration, the next and most critical step is to meet the minimum eligibility requirements, submit essential documents to support your age, experience, language proficiency, medical records etc., and obtain points for your visa application.

As the IRCC follows a point-based system, the higher your points are, the better your chances of securing a Permanent Resident Visa for Canada will be. Thus, with proper planning and guidance, you, too, can live your Canadian dream and enjoy greener pastures overseas.

Important: If you have a state or province nomination, a job sponsorship or a family nomination, you will be awarded additional points on your visa application.

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