Get Australia PR from India–Some Tips for You!

There is no dearth of those who want to get Australia PR from India. The overseas hotspot has gained high popularity across the globe for its well-paying job opportunities and booming economy. Thus, it is called the perfect destination for skilled professionals who are willing to work overseas.

There are several things that are common in Oz and India, such as love for cricket and respect for democracy. Oz has become well renowned for a wide variety of career prospects. The country confers balanced lifestyle along with higher standard for living.

Australia Permanent Residency or PR happens to be the status of the visa of a person, which lets him live within the country for an indefinite period of time in case they are not citizens. An individual with a similar status is known to be as PR or permanent resident.

Australia Permanent Residency from India

Several immigration programmes have been designed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Down Under for the trained workers who are willing to contribute to the country’s economy. An overseas skilled professional, who has specialised qualifications and skills along with good character, are conferred permission for staying and studying in the nation, without any hindrance.

The three main programmes using which a person can apply for PR are: Employer Nomination Scheme, Subclass 190 or the Skilled Nominated Visa, and Subclass 189 or the Skilled Independent Visa. Whatever may your specific choice, meet the basic eligibility criteria of the specific country.

Australia PR Visa

Tips for Getting PR in Australia

Australian Values Statement

After October 2007, all the candidates who are of age above 18 years should be signing the Value Statement in order to apply for the chosen visa. In the statement, the candidates need to confirm that they will be respecting the laws and way of living of the nation prior to the granting of the Visa.

There are a wide number of jobs that are available for those who are migrating to Oz from India. The candidates can apply under the functional area of the profile which is dependent on education and eligibility. It is possible to sort the job description under the SOL or the Skilled Occupation List which is issued by the DIBP.

Skilled Migration Policy has gained high popularity in the Kangaroo Land. It enables the skilled and professional workers for migrating to Oz. The selection is dependent on the points system which is scored in the process.

Australia PR Benefits

There are several benefits of PR in Australia. It is possible to become a citizen after staying in the country for a time span of two years. It is also possible to procure the educational facilities which are more economic and generous than paying the application fees as a foreign student.

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