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Find Out If You Are Qualified For Canada Express Entry Programme!

You know something interesting—even though the popular Canada Express Entry Programme has been hailed as a tough scheme to crack, under the guidance of the expert immigration consultants, you can easily live your dream of living in the Maple Leaf Country. Yes, it’s true!

As an immigrant, it is most likely that you might wish to have a brief rendezvous with other immigrants who made it to the hotspot. It is always of great help to learn from their experiences, challenges, etc., right? Most of the folks frequently ask themselves, am I eligible for the Express Entry Immigration Programme. Discuss with a skilled immigration agent rather, as s/he can help you come to a probable conclusion.

Let’s discuss a bit about the Canada Express Entry Programme and find out whether you are eligible for the plan.

In the year 2015, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada–a body regulating immigration to the nation– passed a historic amendment to reform the immigration system of the country. Back then, “first-come-first-serve” basis of immigration was the core parameter to assess the immigration. But with the passage of time, the first-come-first-serve immigration programme failed to impress the Canadian government.

On account of the inefficiencies and inability to meet with the designated target to take the economy forward, the IRCC scrapped the old immigration programme and revamped it to Express Entry or the Expression of Interest (EoI). Ever since then, Ottawa has been following the Express Entry Programme for immigration, and it uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which analyzes and assesses the qualities of the immigrants to provide them with the opportunity to move to the popular destination.

Canada Express Entry Programme–Are You Eligible?

Many candidates will certainly have this question popping in their head.

As different countries might have different administration model. In order to blend in an environment and perform your job, it is necessary that you understand that environment. Express Entry Canada strives to achieve that objective. In the scheme, the applicants are separately assessed under their educational qualification, job skills, experiences, and language proficiency.

As every country follows a separate model, it is necessary that you should comply with their mode of working. The IELTS and the TOEFL scores are trusted with the responsibility of assessing your language obstacles. At the same time, even the degree that you carry will be of no significance if you fail to meet with the Canadian standards.

A good immigration agent will always help you figure that out. Even IRCC witnessed a case in which an applicant from the US was rejected on the face because she was not able to meet with the educational standards set by the Maple Leaf Country.

At the time of applying under Express Entry Programme for Canada visits the Express Entry website and take up the assessment test. When you are done with that, it will help you to take the action accordingly.

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