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Fill In Canada Visitor Visa Application Correctly!

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in association with its provincial counterparts, offer several kinds of visas with the Canada Visitor Visa, also known as Canada Tourist Visa is one such visa. To get this prized visa, as per the requirements of the nation you have to submit Canada Visitor Visa application Form IMM 5257 first and submit it with the relevant documents and visa fees. Fill in the Visitor Visa Application for Canada properly and do not miss out on anything!

Canada–also known as the Maple Leaf Country–is a highly loved overseas destination and a large number of people visit the hotspot for different reasons. Individuals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada may need a legally valid visa to gain entry into the overseas hotspot. The need for a visa is also applicable in the case of provisional residents who are transiting in the Maple Leaf Country.

Coming back to the Canada Visitor Visa Application Form IMM 5257, the Canadian Visitor Visa Application Form IMM 5257 is basically for those who wish to submit an application from overseas for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), for an impermanent purpose, like tourism, making a trip to family or friends, or business trips.

The TRV is basically the official document proffered by a Canadian visa office that is put in your passport, to specify that you have fulfilled the compulsory requirements for entry into the Maple Leaf Country, as a provisional resident–either as a tourist, a student, or a worker.

It is mandatory to get a TRV prior to departure from home nation. You cannot get a TRV upon landing in the overseas hotspot.

Canada Visa Requirements

With a view to make the cut for a TRV, you require illustrating– through supporting documents, etc.–to the concerned visa official that you fulfill the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and that you will be in the nation ONLY for a provisional stay.

You must also:

  1. Convince the official that you will depart from the hotspot when the legal validity of your visa comes to an end.
  2. Prove that you have sufficient resources to maintain yourself and those depended on you in the nation and to go back to you country.
  3. Show that you have no intentions whatsoever to either do a job or enroll for a study course in Canada unless you are approved to do it.
  4. Be law abiding with a very good background. To put it differently, you must have no history of any kind of criminal doings.
  5. Not present a danger to the safety and security of the Maple Leaf Country.
  6. Offer any extra documents requested by the involved immigration official to establish your admissibility.
  7. Have a good health (face a medical check in case obligatory).

To figure-out more on the documents that you need to present along with your Canada Visitor Visa Application, consult an expert immigration agent!

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