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Figure How to Apply for Australia PR, Get The Prized Status!

Australia is a highly developed global economy and one of the most well-known and extensively visited international destinations, and so it is natural that the Australian Permanent Residence (PR) would be much sought after. This leads us to the title of the blog–How to Apply for Australia PR.

Check the blog and you shall learn How to Apply for Australian PR step-by-step!

Step-by-step Process

  1. Discover the right visa

To begin with, find out the specific visa which may be perfect for your specific purpose! Oz offers over 40 Australian Migrant Visas which permit you to do a job and reside in the nation on a permanent basis. Examine the different options available and find out which suits your specific background and goals the most.

  1. Find out if you fulfill the visa terms & conditions

After you have zeroed in the right visa, examine the key requirements to apply. Given the fact that migration may be a pretty time consuming and costly procedure, you surely won’t want to submit an application for a visa you may not actually be entitled for.

The official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) summarizes the eligibility requirements for its different visas. Some visas may necessitate you to have a sponsor, a citizenship family member, some money to invest in a business, or some employment expertise. So figure out the requirements to know if you meeting the terms & conditions is possible for you!

  1. Submit Your Expression of Interest (EOI)

Post you are through with the first and the second steps of the process, present your Expression of Interest (EOI). Complete your EOI online via logging into portal known as, SkillSelect. While it is entirely FREE to submit it, it does not usually take over half an hour or so to fill in the mandatory details.

  1. Present your Visa Application

If you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the DHA, post your submission of EOI, you will have 60 days to make a visa application online. Much like the first two steps, this step, too, is extremely easy.

You just have to submit visa application form online which will take not more than 5 minutes to fill in as most of the details will be a repeat from the EOI.

Majority of applications necessitate you to present supporting certificates/papers and an application charge. Ensure that your whole visa application is 100% complete and error-free prior to you send it in. Do not forget to attach scanned versions of the applicable certificates (need not be certified).

  1. Wait for a decision

Thanks to several factors, including the specific visa you may have applied for, you may have to cool your heels for several weeks (or months) for the DHA to take a decision on your application.

5 Receive your visa!

If everything goes as per the script, and you manage to get an approval for your application, your prized PR Visa will be handed over to you, and you may reside and do a job permanently in the Kangaroo Land without any restrictions whatsoever.

With a PR Visa you will also get numerous other rights and benefits; for instance, you will become entitled to get subsidized or free healthcare support, your kids will get free education, you will get old age pension, you may enter and leave the nation as per your wish and requirements.

You also do not have to apply for a visa every time you enter the Kangaroo Land. In some specific situations, you may even soon become entitled to apply for the prized and the much sought after Australian citizenship and get an Australian passport successfully. And with this powerful passport, you will easily become a world citizen and move around to most nations of the world, without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

So this, in brief, is the How to Apply for Australia PR! Use the information shared, on the How to Apply for Australia PR subject, to successfully apply for a PR Visa and move overseas to the famed hotspot permanently, and get a chance to enjoy all that this extremely successful and rich nation has to offer!

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