Figure Out Australia Skilled Worker Visa Category 457

Australia is a place where you would wish to be. With the well-known Australia Skilled Worker Visa Programme, you can make inroads in this beautiful country. But as a mark of reminder, some new developments have been implemented by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) even while such developments have changed the face of the Skilled Worker Visa to Australia.

Immigrating to a developed country, like Oz, can help you with a lot of advantages, starting from healthcare, better standard of living to premiere educational infrastructure. When such advantages have been on the card then you are completely driven by the urge to make it to the land of possibilities.

Australia Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Visa 457

As there has been a lot of changes introduced but in this blog you will just come to know about Skilled Visa 457. It is all set to witness a cap or rather Establishment and this might be a tough day for all those students who are in Down Under reading this blog. Such a cap has been introduced to promote indigenous intake, and the decision by the Malcolm Turnbull Government has been tailored in such a way that it can appease the Australian citizens in all possible ways.

After this ruling only a handful international students would be eligible for the upcoming Temporary Skilled Sponsored Visa. In order to put a cap on this visa, the DIBP has devised a new methodology or rather a way out. In order to prevent the students from entering for the Skilled Migration Test the bar of language proficiency has been raised irrationally.

As the economy of the Kangaroo Land is rather high on the demands, and they want that such demands would be met only by the Australians, the efforts have been lauded by the Australian audience. But at the same time, the international students have vehemently criticized this approach, and they have turned animated on the social media.

Since the immigration based on the said Australia Skilled Worker Visa, i.e., Subclass 457 Visa, has dramatically fallen in the last 3 years with such implementation, it will not be ruled out that the immigration department will take a clear short at the same.

On the contrary, the Subclass 485 visa has seen a tremendous hike over a period of time. The DIBP has also warned the university from acquiring the recent PhD graduates from other countries in the Australian labor force. As it will terrible set-off the students to hit the Australian soil, for the purpose of bettering their probabilities, and it will be interesting to see how the Australia Skilled Worker Visa for international students will function after this historic amendment.

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