Eligibility for Canada Express Entry–An Overview

Immigration to Canada is rather easy through the popular Express Entry Programme. You can get proper information about the Eligibility for Canada Express Entry  Program online, and also from the various visa and immigration consultancies dealing with Canada immigration. Determine your eligibility by simply filling up the Express Entry form.

Express Entry manages the applications submitted for Permanent Residence (PR). With the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) one can get the eligibility for Canada PR Visa. This creates a pool for the applicants based on various criteria. The highest ranking pool candidate will get invited.

To get into the entry pool of immigration, you need to meet the criteria under any of the federal economic programmes. The CRS adds the point to the applicant’s profile. The CRS profile includes skills, work experience, language ability, and education aspects. You can get additional points if you have a job offer from a Canadian recruiter or a nomination from a province.

Canada Express Entry

Skilled work experience is the key factor for the eligibility to submit an application for the cherished PR in the nation. As mentioned before, anyone, who meets the conditions for the Federal Programme, will get the score for the Canadian Express eligibility.

Age of the candidate is also a vital factor for adding points for the eligibility. Those who are 45 years old or above are at a disadvantage. Education is also a key factor.

You have to give a test for the Eligibility for Canada Express Entry. You can get online information and give the test online. There are some immigration programmes under Express Entry. The test includes various questions like your nationality, work experience, education, and language ability.

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