Are You Eager to Know How to Become Australian Permanent Resident?

Are you one those who is planning to become an Australian Permanent Resident but are not sure which way to choose? We present to you a resourceful article which will enlist the different pathways and their requirements, to help you plan your immigration to the renowned and extensively visited hotspot better!

Whether you want to study, reside or do a job in the country, a PR status will allow you the flexibility and freedom to do so. Plus, you can also enjoy special benefits and can even apply for the much sought after citizenship in the future! Sounds like your dream plan? Well then let’s get started with the various steps of the entire immigration process!

Step 1 – Know Your Choice

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Oz follows a PointsBased System based on different visa subclasses or categories. From making a Business Immigration to migrating to the land Down Under through the ‘Skill Select’ programme, you must be aware of which visa subclass would suit your purpose of moving the most.

Step 2 – Know the Criteria

Once you are through the selection process of the most suitable visa type/subclass/category for your migration, you should know that as per the points based system you would be judged amongst the application pool, on the basis of various factors such as – age, language proficiency, work experience, skill and nomination, et cetera. Thus, get yourself started with going for an online score estimation, to know where you actually stand and how bright your chances actually are.

Step 3 –Know Your Chance

After you have chosen your visa subclass and obtained your points along with submitting supporting documents to the DIBP, you will have to wait until you receive an application or an invite to apply for a PR in the country. Please note that your chances are higher when your points are higher.

Therefore, the entire immigration process to Oz is covered in the above three steps. The best way to become a proud Australian Permanent Resident is to start early and prepare well by knowing about the latest guidelines and regulations.

Contact Immigration Specialists

For more information and assistance on the subject, feel free to get in touch with a trustworthy and expert immigration and visa consultancy. We have used the adjectives ‘trustworthy’ and ‘expert’, because most of the so-called service providers in the business these days by and large are not very competent and skilled. They also cannot be trusted.

Your dreams and goals are BIG. You cannot rely on the rookies or fly-by-night operators, right? So before you actually hire a service provider, thoroughly check its credentials and background. If possible, speak to those who may have used their professional services earlier. Also, visit the websites and offices of the consultancies.

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