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Do You Wish to Immigrate to Canada?

Do You Wish to Immigrate to Canada? If your answer to the question– Do You Wish to Immigrate to Canada–is YES,congratulations, you are on the right page! Use the details shared here for a successful and smooth visa application process to your dream overseas destination!

To move permanently, you will have to apply for a Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, through one of the different PR Visa categories available.

You know what–the present time is apt to apply for a Canada PR Visa.

How and why?

Well, as per the latest laws made for 2019 Canada immigration, as fixed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the apex visa & immigration regulating organization for the country–by 2020, Ottawa has plans to send Invitations To Apply (ITAs) to (hold your breath!) as high as 1 million new PR Visa candidates.

While out of it, 565,000 PR Visas would be provided, via either the Express Entry Programme or other allied schemes, such as provincial nominations, for instance. So grab the opportunity and kick-start your overseas journey, under the guidance and supervision of an expert and well-known visa consultancy!

Now another question that may surface sometimes is: is it really necessary to seek and attain professional guidance and assistance, and pay the service providers a big amount when each and every piece of information–related to the Canada immigration & visa application process–is widely available, through various platforms? Yes it is necessary!

How and why?

It is compulsory because despite the wide availability of the latest and relevant details on the subject, the fact remains that navigating through the complex and long drawn out PR Visa application process for the Maple Leaf Country may not really be a cakewalk. You could fail to provide an important document or share wrong information (unknowingly of course), and resultantly, miss the bus.

The IRCC has a zero tolerance for fake and/or wrong information. It is also not very generous against those who provide incomplete information. And so, no wonder, it rejects more visa applications submitted for PR than it accepts for it. You will surely not want to face refusal when you can keep it at a safe distance, by drafting the professionals, right?

Though for the services sought and gained you will have to pay some money, isn’t the amount usually charged by the service providers just peanuts compared to what you may lose if your petition gets rejected, in terms of both money and dreams?

Hence, if your answer to the question–Do You Wish to Immigrate to Canada–is YES, move ahead with the right planning and thoughts. Engage visa specialists to do the job for you–that of successfully applying for a PR Visa–and enjoy the whole process, without losing your sleep and/or wasting your valuable time!

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