Decoded Migration Programme for Australia History

If you are new to immigration, and in search of a good tailor-oriented immigration programme that can help you move to Australia in style, then you are at the right place. In this piece you will come to know about the history of migration programme to Australia.

For the objective of the immigration to fructify in the best possible manner, as an immigrant, you must have comprehensive knowledge of the different immigration programmes up-for-grabs that have been redefining the immigration realm in Oz.

The immigration once made aware about the Migration Programme to Australia will be in a better place to analyze their possibilities and this can help them to think clearly.

In this piece you will get to know everything that should be in your head if you are applying for the immigration scheme.

Migration Programme Australia–A Brief History

The history of the immigration programme to Australia dates back to 1945. With the start of the year 1945 after the World War II, and fresh impetus given on the government to usher in the era of decolonization, the economy was committed to approach skilled immigrants to make inroads in Oz. As these programmes picked up pace with the passage of the decade from its inception an unprecedented figure of 1, 85,000 immigrants were touched in the year 1965.

Under the Rudd Government the migration programme of Australia was again redefined with a record high of 1, 90,300 immigrants. As time passed the migration programme of Australia has n bettered, and it is bettering at the moment as well.

Skilled Based Immigration–A Brief History

In order to bolster the labor market the skilled based immigration was enforced. Under the skilled based immigration, in the year 1996-97, an unprecedented increase of 67% was noticed. At the same time it was startling to know that 55% of the applications were granted to the dependent of the primary visa holders. With such records it was seemingly apparent that immigration was much more reliant on the roots of the sponsorship.

In the immigration class there were different categories that were included in the pursuit of the immigration. To name a few include: the General Skilled Migration Programme, the Employer Based Nomination, Business Skills Migration, and the Distinguished Talent.

All these skills have collaboratively contributed to the migration programme of Australia. As per the statistic acquired from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the top 10 countries that constitute the maximum immigrants of Australia include the UK, India, People’s Republic of China, Republic of South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the US.

If you are a candidate applying for migration programme to Australia, and you belong to any of these countries, it is most likely that it will help you dramatically.

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