Choose Skilled Migrate Visa for Australia and Canada

As it is too well know, Australia and Canada have emerged as the perfect destinations for the migrants who look for a better quality of life and prosperous opportunities, to work and live in a friendly and progressive country.

Down Under especially is quite famous nowadays for its universal visa system, and of course flourishing economy, even as it allows a planned and targeted influx of the migrants, from across the globe, every year, based on its economy and social aspects.

If you wish to submit an application for an Australian Visa, the first step is to explore which type of specific visa you will be most eligible for, and how to get your first foot in the door. Amongst the multiple types of the immigration visas available you can choose from, the one most commonly sought after is the ‘Skilled Migrants’ Visa under the General Skilled Migration (GSM). It allows the migrants between 18 and 50 years to work and stay permanently in the overseas hotspot.

Given this, in case you have a skill which can be duly nominated for an occupation in the country, you can easily, and minus any roadblocks, enjoy the much targeted and the eagerly sought after–well, you guessed it right, Permanent Residency (PR)–with a Skilled Migrate Visa Australia.

Migrate to Canada & Australia

Skill Select

The nation has facilitated the influx of the trained professionals and workers through the ‘Skill Select’ Programme. It is essentially an amazing and efficient online service which easily lets you find out about the relevancy and usability of your skill(s) in the nation while allowing you to save your precious time and efforts while doing so.

Wait! Basically, before you dive deeper into the fantasy world of immigrating to the said destination, it is fairly crucial to prepare and evaluate yourself. After assimilating the data and information required to move ahead with your visa application, you would have to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI), which is simply a statement of the purpose or your motive behind moving to the country as a trained worker.

Once you submit an EOI through the ‘SkillSelect’ Programme, you will be asked to submit various documents, such as – personal information, work experience, relationship certificate, study proofs, IELTS/TOEFL score, details of skill assessment, and so forth.

Thus, once you duly submit the required documents to the truest of your knowledge, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will duly evaluate your application under the Skilled Immigration clauses, and after reviewing the same, nominate you for a Skilled Migrate Visa Canada, to work and live in the highly loved place.

Therefore, any individual, who aims for a better future and quality of life in the country, must submit an EOI through the ‘Skill Select.’

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