Have You Checked Latest Australian Skilled migration Occupation List?

In order to move to Australia with intent to work and thrive, it is decisive that you will have to understand the Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List. In the Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List, you can easily find numerous jobs that will facilitate your movement to the “Land of Australia.”

If you have been wondering about the Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List can’t help you move to the hotspot, in that case, perhaps, you would like to go ahead and think differently as you can always win the immigration battle with a good visa to support your need.

In this piece, you will be able to get a list of jobs under which you can streamline the movement and move to Australia effectively.

Australia Permanent Residence

List of Jobs under the Skilled Occupation Migration List

Occupation AZNSCO CodeAssessing Authority
Construction Project Manager133111VETASSESS
Project Builder133112VETASSESS
Engineering Manager133221Engineers Australia/AIM
Production Manager (Mining)133513VETASSESS
Child Care Center Manager134111TRA
Welfare Centre Manager134214VETASSESS
External Auditor221213CPA/ICAA/NIA


You can apply under the following skills and there are many more given on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). But this is just one part of the story, in the next part you will come to know about how to pick a good immigration agent. At the same time, you can also come to know about the advantages that they can harbor with their prudence and adeptness.

Take into account the following aspects of the help that will be delivered to you when a good immigration consultant will be there to help and guide you.

Assistance on Job: In the first place you will come to know about the jobs that are in demand in the market. Not just this, you will also come to know about jobs that can best govern the movement. In the absence of a good quality immigration agent, you can find looking for jobs tough in a foreign soil.

Assistance on Shelter: In most cases, the company that will hire you would provide you with the much needed shelter and fooding arrangements. But often there are exceptions, and during such time tested periods, you can easily expect the assistance coming from the immigration consultant. This will dramatically impact your state and you can manage your expenses well with room sharing features as well.

All these facilities are provided when a good immigration agent is always by your side to help you deal with the difficulties. If you are still thinking over the plan to restructure and not go for a quality professional to help you deal with your immigration, it might be your biggest blunder.

Get an Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List from a reliable immigration specialist, and make your movement to this country happen in style.

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