Check Requirements for Investment Visa for Australia!

Investments in the Australian economy have grabbed the attention of the migrants from across the globe. Many people are moving to the Kangaroo Land not only for its top-class universities but also for making an addition to their economy. Investment Visa for Australia is granted to those aspirants who reduce imports and increases exports. This game of export and import should be fairly on the positive side by reducing imports and increasing the exports.

Significant Investor Stream Requirements

For this investment visa, the requirements are:

  • You should have your money invested throughout your provisional visa.
  • You enjoy the freedom of switching your investments from complying, with complying significant investments provided you reinvest the funds that you withdraw from your investments within 30 days.
  • You need to show that the sum withdrawn is equal to the sum invested.
  • You should be under 55 years of age. There may be some relaxation in this category if your skills are of the exceptional type and prove beneficial to the economy of Oz.
  • In its point system, you need to score at least 65 points.
  • Your managerial skills should be that of high level. You must be capable of taking day-to-day decisions that benefit your business or investments.
  • Your experience should not be less than 3 years in managerial skills that are needed for the stream.
  • Your record of success should be 100% of the eligible investments or the business you are starting with Oz.
  • You intend to live in Down Under for the complete tenure of your investment time period.
  • After the completion of your investment time, you still genuinely want to live in the country.

There is certain obligation that needs to be met by your spouse or you or both of you

  • Your investments should jointly be at least 1.5 million Australian Dollars, legally earned by you in your home country.
  • The business that you have started should have at least 10 % ownership interest.
  • You should be able to invest these 1.5 million Australian Dollars in the state or territory for which you have seized the nomination for 4 years from the commencement of the visa.
  • You are not engaged in any kind of unacceptable activities.
  • You are liable to pay tax on the investments under the Australian taxation law.

For the visa it is also expected that your business will be of a kind that will reduce the imports to the country. Your main focus should be on increasing the exports so that money flows in the country resulting in an enriching economy.

The Investment Visa proffers Permanent Residency(PR) at first which is soon converted into citizenship when a person meets the necessary terms. If he follows all the rules and regulations that are specifically laid for the investor, then he is entitled to get citizenship and enjoy education, medical services, and free movements.

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