Check How Much Investment Is Required For Canada Immigration!

There is practically no dearth of those who want to migrate to Canada as investors.The primary reason is investment opportunities that the country offers. At a time when some nations have started a too rigid and tough visa policy, the Maple Leaf Country continues with old policy of welcoming all minus any bias whatsoever.

Coming back to the investment issue, many a times candidates fail to understand how much investment is required for Canada immigration. Let’s focus on the country’s various provinces that offer the candidates numerous opportunities to invest in the country.Some provinces and territories–such as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick (NB), Prince Edward Island (PEI), and Nova Scotia–are quite popular among the prospective investors.

Each province has their own set of requirements, criteria and selection process to attract the qualified investors with the required minimum net.

Required for Canada immigration


To start with if you have a minimum net worth of 150,000 Canadian dollars to invest with 33% total share you can apply for an Investor Visa of the prairie province–the only Canadian province with no natural boarders.


If it attracts you, you must have at least 350,000 Canadian Dollars in your pocket with an intention to make an investment of 75,000 Canadian dollars for a fixed period of five years. It is one of the most expensive Canadian investment schemes. The province has another stream as well ‘Young Farmer Nominee Stream’ for those keen to establish, manage/partner in an existing farm. Candidates must be armed with a minimum net worth of 150,000 Canadian dollars.


The French speaking province Quebec is the second most populated Canadian province and t requires a personal net worth of 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars–either with the spouse/partner or de facto spouse. The candidate is also required to sign an agreement with the Quebec Government to make an investment of at least 800,000 Canadian Dollars.


Investment opportunities in Ontario are immense.It is home to the national Capital City Toronto. Those willing to settle in here must have a personal net worth of 300,000 Canadian Dollars to invest. Through the investment the candidate must also be able to create at least five full time jobs for the citizens or permanent residents in the province.


The smallest Canadian province requires a personal net worth of 250,000 Canadian dollars which must include liquid minimum assets of 150,000 Canadian Dollars.

Significantly, many of the provinces have joined Express Entry, and using the same you can apply for the Investor Category.

However, with the complex process and lengthy procedure you may not like to take a risk and process the visa application on your own.In such a situation, take the help of an immigration expert who will not only give you a satisfactory answer to how much investment is required for Canada Immigration but will also help you choose the right visa category.

 It is difficult to answer how much investment is required for Canada Immigration as the country has many provincial nominee programmes and investment requirements under each category vary.

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