Canadian Immigration Arrangement Favors Immigrant Manpower, Claims Research

We all know that Canada is a pro-migrant country. This has been proved yet again. Check this article to find out more!

In what could be called a very important discovery, it has been learnt that the immigration system in the nation is growingly becoming welcoming towards the immigrant labor force,as nearly a staggering 21% of the foreign immigrants have obtained a Permanent Residency (PR) in the country–up from the previous 9%. And, out of every 5 foreign employees, one received PR which is 200% the rate a decade seen earlier.

As per the Statistics Canada research, on which this report is based, the immigration regime in the Maple Leaf Country is progressively becoming encouraging towards the temporaryforeign immigrant employees.

In the 1990s,only 9% of the foreign immigrants, who landed in the nation, gained the prized and the much sought after PR status, vis-à-vis 21% by the end of 2014.

The research–a first of its kind–reportedly examined the national rules and programmes of the Maple Leaf Countryfocusing on charming and retaining the temporaryforeign immigrants.

The country’s immigration structure–under the precedingthe Conservative Party-led administration— leaned in the favor of embracing the provisional foreign immigrants, who moved to the country,to fulfill its labor market needs. It was in contrast to the traditional model of the nation-building that instantlyapprovedPermanent Residency to the foreign immigrants.

Allegedly, the newest approach to the immigration arrangement was put into effect to guarantee that the foreign immigrants are worth hiring,and limit the issue of the highly skilled people drivingcab’occurrences.

The report has been divulged just before the federal budget that is likely to further ease upthe provisional immigrant schemes in the country.

The proportion of the temporary residents–that comprises the immigrant employees and the labor force under the global mobility initiatives, like the ICTs, for example–has swelled roughly three times in the 2010’s hitting the 500,000 mark. It is way more than the 260,000 permanent residents who settle every year in the country.

PR for Canada

Conversely, there was a radical reduction in the strength of the exceedingly trained foreign employees in the nation to 40% towards the close of 2000s, from the 67% towards the close of the 1990s.

Ottawa has started many immigration schemes allegedly to appeal to the overseas immigrants that consist of the popular and extensively used Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). These specific immigration plans support those foreign immigrants in the nation who have either employment experience in the nation or education credentials here in.

Praising the move, a concerned person has reportedly said that it is a logical step by Ottawa to attract the immigrants to the nation.

According to a study, the Canadian Immigration Arrangement supports Immigrant labor force even as roughly 21% of the foreign immigrants have gained a Permanent Residency in the nation–up from the preceding 9%.

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