Canada Immigration from India-A Complete Guide.

Canada immigration from India is highly preferred, especially considering the ease of application and a high standard of living in the hotspot. Additionally, with the introduction of the Express Entry Canada, applicants will find added accuracy and time-efficiency to the permanent application process in the economic programmes.

Desirable Traits in Canada for Immigrants

  1. Lenient immigration rules, high immigrant intake capacity and a variety of immigration programmes are the major highlights of Canada immigration from India. The various categories–like Visa employed, self-employed and businessmen, work visa and student permits–all add up to the excellent success rate of immigration application. The Canadian Government as well doesn’t fail to improve the immigration scenario for the Indians. The Justin Trudeau Government, in 2017, had declared that the intake for economic class category (a category highly preferred by the Indians) will be increased by 11900 and the family reunification category by 4,000 (also preferred significantly by the Indians.)
  2. The social security programmes provided by Ottawa are extremely helpful to new immigrants and aid them to efficiently establish their livelihood, without facing the obstacles of getting used to a new environment. Further, to reduce the cost of well-being, the nation’s educational and health facilities are not only one of the most advanced in the world but are also effectively subsidized. Consequently, the standard of living ends up being of superior quality, yet minimum costing.
  3. To furnish a career boost, Ottawa provides finely lucrative opportunities to both skilled migrants and academically qualified migrants. The salary benefits of Canada are equally mesmerizing with a minimum national wage of $10.50 as of 1st of October, 2015.
  4. Now since a Canadian passport holder gets access to Visa-free travel to almost all the major countries around the world, the Canada immigration from India is further, very accommodating to businessmen.
  5. Additionally, to help in the immigrant’s career growth, the Maple Leaf Country puts no restriction to a region of work. One can reside and work in any city of his/her choice, without facing any difficulty, in terms of religion, culture or language.

Federal Express Entry System

When planning for Canada Immigration Specialists, the Express entry system is possibly the most effective instrument. This method is focused typically on the skilled immigrants for a permanent economic class application. The Express entry Canada goes through the following steps. Firstly, you state your “Expression of Interest.” Then the Canadian employers shortlist their desired candidates by screening through the details provided by the applicants. Further, language tests are conducted and educational credentials are verified.

On successful completion of these initial procedures, the candidates are required to update their profile with information on skills, work experience, language ability, education and other details concerning the IRCC assessment.

Then these candidates are shortlisted in a pool, based on a grading system known as the comprehensive ranking system. Finally, the applicants with the highest merit point and valid job offers are invited for a permanent residence application.

While undergoing these application procedures, to ensure a higher precision, it is only best to contact a reputed Visa Consultancy service, found commonly all across India.

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