Canada Business Immigration – Here’s what you need to know!

Among the different overseas immigration destinations, Canada occupies a very high place. It is no secret that the nation attracts a plethora of migrants from around the world, looking to work, invest and live in the country, and contribute to its thriving economy and make it better and more appealing for all, including the global community of migrants.

For the different classes of migrants, the nation offers various classes of immigration visa and a specific set of eligibility criteria.Whether you choose to invest in an existing business or startup your own venture in the hotspot, you can obtain a Business Visa to stay there in.

If you, too, are planning to obtain a Canada Business Immigration Visa, read this article to get started.

For the applicants, looking to obtain a Self-Employed Immigrant Visa, you would be required to hold relevant experience in business, entrepreneurship or team management, along with the intention to become self-employed in the nation.


Basically, the Maple Leaf Country offers three different Business Visa categories for the object of business immigration, for the potential migrants, wanting to invest or start a business in the country. These categories are – Immigrant Investor Programme, Entrepreneurs Programme, and the Self Employed Persons Programme.

Let’s take a look at each of these different visa categories!

1) Immigrant Investor Programme – Under it, an applicant is required to display extensive business knowledge to invest in a Canadian business. The applicant must also have a net worth of 800,000 Canadian Dollars and must be willing to invest at least 400,000 Canadian Dollarsin the country. It requires minimum 35 points out of 100 to qualify.

2) Entrepreneurs Programme–Under it, the applicants must have at least two years of business experience and a minimum net worth of 300,000 Canadian Dollarsto obtain a business visa in the nation. It requires a minimum 35 out of 100 points to succeed.

3) Self Employed Persons Programme–Under it, candidates are judged and shortlisted on their ability to create their own employment in the nation and contribute to the growth of its economy. In case you want to apply for the same, you are required to have minimum two years of business experience for making Canada Business Immigration.

Get Canada Immigration & Visa Assistance from Professionals

Despite the fact that all information on the subject is extensively available on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and other relevant sources, and there is practically no need whatsoever for professional guidance and help from the experts on the issue, it is highly recommended to seek and obtain the same.

The reason: your chances of success will dramatically improve, and your visa application will be processed rather swiftly. You will also not make some ‘avoidable’ mistakes and ‘unknowingly’ kill your dreams with your own hands.

Are you planning to settle permanently in Canada? Read this article to know about Canada Business Immigration and live your dream easily.

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