Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency Visa

Post November 2016, there is a sudden commotion among the people waiting for a chance to put in their profiles for Canada PR Immigration. Election of the new government in the Maple Leaf country led to a substantial change in the visa policy, which resulted in a new impetus in the tryst of various states of this country to bring around new programs with a new zeal to attract, select and invite immigrants to settle down in their respective territories.

All these new initiatives are in addition to the federal programs being already run and managed by the federal government of this country. The new Canada’s permanent resident program driven by economic objectives has received a new boost in form of raised targets for facilitating entry of more and more immigrants into the country in 2017.

The new targets, as planned figures suggest, would include selecting and inviting higher number of skilled workers, businessmen, investors through Express Entry and PNP programs. These programs are apart from the one that is being run by Quebec independently.

The Express Entry that fuels FSW, FSTP and CEC is expected to facilitate entry of approximately 71,000 immigrants, a good 23% jump in figures of previous program. Similarly, the PNP skill based migration schemes would be able get highest number of immigrants till now, 51000. The figures indicate a good jump of 7% over the previous years.

Similarly, Quebec is expected to take in applications from over 29000 immigrants. The picture is equally inspiring for the ones waiting to move in with their business expertise and indigestible funds. Canadian government, through various schemes would be accepting around 500 applications.

So, the scenario of already set for a big time race to the permanent residency status of the most sought after destination. It would be quite a revelation for those getting into a position to apply for and obtain a ticket to Canada’s shores.

But, we do have a word of advice for you; do not take chances, like taking a wrong decision or committing a mistake. Be quick and be smart, get in touch with an expert to help you sail through Canadian visa process.

We would be more than happy to offer you a comprehensive service for Canadian migration visa. You just need to fill in the assessment form and supply us with some essential details.

The stage is all set for a big time race for Canada PR Immigration with the targets being raised for the current program year. Every schemes clubbed under the economic immigration has received an impetus, which means you stand a better chance provided you make a smart and a quick move.

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