Australia Wants Skilled Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologists 253917

It is an open secret that Australia is a highly desired and preferred overseas location for migration, for thousands of individuals from around the world. It is famous for its speedy and hassle-free immigration process.

Luckily, for the skilled workers around the world, there is a shortage of indigenous talent in the country, and thus the Australian Government welcomes talented professionals to contribute to their growing economy and enjoy numerous benefits of living and working in the country, such as excellent education and healthcare facilities, steady economy, progressive society and picturesque scenic beauty.

Are you a trained Radiologist by profession? Congratulations! You can now get the keys to your Permanent Residency (PR) in the land down under with the General Skilled Migration visa program under the Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist—253917 profile.

Apply PR for Australia

What does it mean? Well, it means your line of work is in-demand in Down Under presently. And you are entitled to submit an application for an Australia Visa.

Every year, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia releases a ‘Skilled Occupation List’. The latest Combined List of Qualified Skilled Occupations states the requirements of the country’s economy and industry. As per the new list, there is a growing demand for Radiologists in the nation and you can avail this wonderful opportunity to immigrate permanently.

Significantly, Medical Board of Australia is the assessing authority for your vocation.

Under the General Skilled Visa 189, you will be eligible to live and work anywhere in – Australian Capital Territory, Northern/Southern/Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Although every state might have varying eligibility criteria, if you want to immigrate under the Diagnostic and Interventional and Radiologist—253917 occupation, you will be required to meet the minimum eligibility requirements of age, language proficiency, skill level, work experience and licensing/registration.

Key Tasks

Importantly, you must familiarize yourself with the job duties of a Radiologist working in the country.

  1. Provide diagnostic treatment to patients.
  2. Keep an eye on and appraise patients with various pathological diseases with the aid of the medical techniques.
  3. Operate medical machinery to collect images, information and waves to construe medical conditions.

Apart from enjoying a prosperous life in a country filled with opportunities and excellent benefits, you will be able to earn a handsome annual salary of 194, 236 Australian Dollars as a male and 131,409 Australian Dollars as a female Radiologist in Oz, and better yet, realize your dream of securing PR in the country and enjoying additional benefits of living in the land down under.

And won’t that be too good and what you have wanted since long? Do not wait any further! Hire a trained and reputed visa agent TODAY! Use his professional expertise to get a visa. The Kangaroo Land beckons you!

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