Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016 !

April saw a major change in the Aussie immigration policy with a complete overhaul of Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016, as the old SOL system was largely shelved. The over saw a big trimming of the former SOL by 200 trade codes. With this also came the much expected abolition of temporary visa 457. The old permit gave way to the new Temporary Skill Shortage – TSS though it would completely come into effect from March 2018.

The Impact and the opportunities

The new introduction into the visa grant mechanism would include offering a short – term visa for skills in short demand – for up to a period of 2 years, and medium term visa – for up to a period of 4 years.

Apart from that, general skills immigration would also be affected since the people intending to Apply for the permanent residence of the country would have now fewer trade codes to choose from  435 work categories even though a list of 16 codes have been released that would specifically be only available to the people applying for GSM categories:

  • Section 189 – independent permanent: this scheme does not require an endorsement, of any sorts; the candidates are selected on the merit of their placement in the pool of profiles. This happens to be the most popular scheme since it allows the visa holders to reside in any part of the country from the day one of their entry;
  • Section 485 – Temporary Graduate; and
  • Section 489 – family nominated.

Programs unaffected 

However, changes in the federal Skilled Occupation tabulation would not have an impact on the programs that rely on the CSOL – Combined Skilled Occupations List. These schemes are primarily the ones that require a nomination of either a state or an Australian employer. These include:

  • Section 190 – provincial endorsement permanent: this permanent visa scheme requires applicants to obtain a nomination of a willing state. The visa holder must, however, reside in the designated territory for a period of not less than 2 years;
  • Section 186 – direct entry through employer nomination permanent: this scheme is specifically meant to facilitate qualified Aussie employers, who can with help of this chose to hire overseas workers; and
  • Section 489 – temporary provincial endorsement: this scheme grants permit for a period of not more than 4 years.

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Large changes have been affected in the federal Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016. But, the ones listed in the CSOL remain unaffected.


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