Australia PR Process Decoded Step By Step !

One of the most beautiful and welcoming nations across the globe, Australia is now the dream destination for international immigration. Every year a substantial count of foreign nationals are granted the Australian citizenship.

If you are aspiring to achieve that status, you need to get the Permanent Residency Visa that will empower you to visit, live, study, as well as do business and serve Australian Companies for an indefinite span.

Paragraphs underneath will discuss how the Australia PR Process goes step-by-step.

Step 1

Pick a suitable sub-category

The primary task to accomplish is that you need to select an appropriate sub-category of PR Visa. As per the prevailing rules for immigration to this country, you can apply either as a Non-Sponsored applicant or an Employer Sponsored candidate, in addition to the different visa schemes, granted to the foreign investors. Applicants, applying for the PR Visas under professional categories or as an investor, get the priority.

Step 2

Select a suitable Occupation from the list of designated skilled professions

At this phase of the Australia PR process, you will require choosing a suitable profession from the designated list. In this regard, you will be getting two lists of which one is for the entire country and for the 2nd list, is specific to the different Australian states. If you are applying under the State Sponsorship Programme, the Australia PR process demands you to apply for the occupation from the specific list for the concerned state in Oz.

Step 3

Score a minimum of 60 points for getting invited to apply

The Australian Immigration laws follow a point based application system, based on the personal and professional profiles of the applicant. You will require visiting the website of the DIBP and express your interest for such visas. You will be asked to provide some details, like your age, academic qualification, occupation, work experience, as well as language proficiency. Based on the information you provide, you will be given a score, and to get an invitation call to apply for the PR visa, you need to score a minimum of 60 points. Candidates, having higher scores, will have better chances to get the invitation call and higher chances for the approval of their PR Visa petitions.

Apply PR for Australia

Undergo rounds of medical examination and character verification

As per the rules the applicants of PR Visas have to undergo different rounds of medical evaluation and character verification, to ensure that they have sound physical & mental health and also a strong moral character.

It will be especially relevant to state that in addition to the usual documents for traveling abroad, you need to produce the scorecard for IELTS and a skill certificate, issued by the competent authority.

The process to apply for Australian PR Visas involves a mix of offline and online actions, and should you meet the eligibility conditions it will take the minimum time to get approval on your application.

Australian PR Visa entitles you to stay in the nation on a permanent basis, even without getting the citizenship status. This article shall discuss the Australia PR process.

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