Australia Immigration–Where to Start From?

Those who want to settle in Australia have many options to choose from. It is a prosperous country with a stable economy and excellent work environment for all, including the overseas professionals. No wonder, the leading immigration destination is preferred by a large number of immigrants from across the world.

The country offers marvelous opportunities to the young immigrants to live, invest, work, study and start a business in this beautiful part of the world. Everyone knows the reasons why a large number of people prefer to immigrate to Down Under, and the fact is it is the skilled workers who immigrate to the country in large number.

Due to the ongoing skill shortage in the country,the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the concerned organization,has introduced numerous visasstreams for the skilled immigrants.

Australia Immigration – Where to Begin From?

Well, the procedure simply starts with the arrangement of all the essential documents. The country has a point based immigration system.Points are granted on the basis of the various characteristics of the applicants; for instance, education, language, skills, age and experience. To prove the authenticity of your characteristics, you have to submit proofs. Additionally, it is important that you submit the two important documents,i.e., English language score, such as the IELTS and the skill assessment report.

When you have collected all the required documents,it’s time to choose the occupation from the relevant occupation list and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the Skill Select.

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How long does the immigration process takes?

The processing period clearly depends upon the specific visa category you choose. Generally, the process does not take longer than eight months.  In few cases,it may takes longer than a year as well, depending upon the verification and other formalities.

What are the key eligibility requirements for Australia Immigration?

Following are the key eligibility requirements:-

Age: It is a crucial aspect that assures you an eligibility ticket as a skilled migrant. At the time of submitting the application, you must be below 50 years of age. On the basis of your age, you can score up to 30 points on the point’s grid.

Language ability: It is an important feature.A candidate must be competent in the language. On the basis of your language proficiency, you can score up to 20 points.

Experience: You must be armed with at least three years of work experience in the relevant occupation you have been nominated for,and on the basis of the same, you can score upto 15 points.

Education: It is possible to score upto 20 points for your education qualification. To be considered as a strong applicant, you must have at least a diploma from a recognized institution/university.

Nomination by a state or territory

A territorial or state nomination can fetch you up to 5 points if you have chosen the Visa subclass 190; and 10 points,if youhave selected the Visa Subclass 489 (nomination from a state, territory or a family member already residing in Oz).

Partner Skills

For your partner’s skills and qualification,you can score upto 5 points.

To qualify, you must score at least 60 points on the point’s grid.Candidates with low score are not likely to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

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