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If you are Applying Residency In Canada or having been waiting to listen from the authorities, some good news are coming your way. IRCC has brought in a flurry of changes in the skilled visa system. The new introductions are not merely improvements over the preceding system, but an attempt to innovate the whole mechanism used for selection of immigrants for the Permanent Residence  Visa.

The new incorporation are an attempt to change the approach and provide a new perspective and direction the Canadian skilled visa system. Authorities have tried to make system more transparent and more accountable.

The most prominent of the inclusions in the laws include establishing a mechanism that evaluates similarly ranked profiles on the basis of the time of creation: this would surprise you, but this aspect provides a unique outlook to the Canadian system.

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A new time stamp system
This may seem strange, but in fact, I feel this is meting out right treatment to the deserving candidates. In the past, it was a quite normal to see some applicants ending up waiting for their ITAs, while others simply got through quickly, just in a matter of days of filing their requests.

But, now this is set to change: the profiles that were lodged ahead of others, and having comparable scores, would be placed higher than those created later. The new working system is expected to prove highly advantageous for those who have been waiting since filing their requests.

The dynamics of the new working pattern is quite simple to decipher: the people who walked in earlier would now get their entry pass also earlier, than those who dropped in recently. This move is surely going to wipe out any back-log that may have been created since the inception of Canada Express Entry in 2015 January.

Do you know how this would affect you if you filed in your EOI say a year ago and have a score between 400 and 410? Nothing much surprising, you profile would prioritized over the EOIs having similar scores but created at a later date.

The new mechanism is set to benefit those who lodged in their online applications at an early date despite having low scores, and later improved the scores by updating some details, like updated language scores. The exercise of updating details would not change the time of creation of EOIs.

Do you feel excited about the opportunities being offered by the new system? Fill up the free assessment form today.

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