Applying for Permanent Residency in Australia? What Options Are Available?

Do you know that applying for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia will not be tough altogether for Indians from now on as the camaraderie between the Narendra Modi Government and the Malcom Turnbull Government reaches an unprecedented state? In the present state-of-affairs, things have been put on a brisk note with more and more talks happening on immigration between the two nations.

Although news have been in the air that scrapping of the Subclass 457 Visa has hit hard on the pursuits of the immigrants, but certainly a way out has been orchestrated in which the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has been given the responsibility to provide more updates on the same. Even from the viewpoint of the Indians, wishing to make it to the popular destination, they can go ahead with other form of visas to help them move with ease and flexibility.

PR Visa Options

As an immigrant, who is wishful of Applying for Permanent Residency in Australia, they can go ahead with few of the visas that have been discussed in this piece.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189

In this style of immigration you will not be asked to get sponsored for immigration. The flexibility granted by the visa allows the immigrant to move to the province or the state they like, and they can easily expect that immigration will happen in no less than 8 months’ time.

State Nominated Subclass 190

During the time of labor shortage the different state and provinces will be given the opportunity to choose from an assorted array of applicants, and they will base their choice on skillset, experience and language proficiency. Once the state has been satisfied with the application, they will give the opportunity to the immigrants to move without any hassle.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

Another specific advantage that you will be able to get with respect to the immigration would be the ENS. Under it, the immigrants will be given the chance to join the labor force of Oz with a sponsored visa category.

Subclass 189 Independent Visa

In this style of the immigration, the immigrants will not be bound by any sponsorship; rather they will have to appear for a test. On the basis of it that will analyze their true potential through language proficiency assessment, work experience, educational qualification and adaptability, the DIBP will sponsor them with a specific visa, and this visa will act as a proof based on which they can Apply for the PR.

If you are going for the PR, then it is important that you know the ways that you will have to consider while applying for Permanent Residency in Australia even while only an experienced and trusted good immigration & visa consultant can help you with that.

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